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January 23, 2017

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September 7, 2018


(Or is it inside out?)


I feel like a ball of yarn my cat got hold of.


It started as a flurry of Facebook posts. Of my mission to hug a stranger a day. After asking permission, of course.


Then I felt called to dive deeper and explore. This I called my, blog article:My Jabbok Moment


And being the eternal student, I took a course with the wonderful Jonas Ellison (www.jonasellison.com/about) and discovered Medium.


I soon realized that people were posting on Medium, mostly using it as a platform to refer readers back to their websites.


And said websites could be anything. Mostly selling something. Or advertising. But not a duplicate of what they’d written for Medium.


What to do!


I was stressed beyond belief.


Here I was. Retired. Well, sort of.


Writing was a hobby.


Along with –


  • Exercise. (Very important.);

  • Knitting;

  • Quilting;

  • Gardening (when home);

  • And reading. (lots of it.)


I do not think cleaning the boat or house to be a consideration. I post to my website three times a week. To come up with new stuff for Medium is more than I want to do.


I duly reposted to Medium (after checking that I could do so) and started following likeminded people.


Soon a few started following me.


A whole new world became mine to explore. Reading, laughing, even crying sometimes, shaking my head in agreement, relishing in our “sameness.” Wishing I could reach out and hug the writer.


Two years of having a website has not yielded the interaction I experienced in Medium within months of joining.


The road ahead is unclear.


The “diet” that Medium requires to attract a following is so very far removed from what started as a description of my daily adventures in hugging strangers.


Do I really want to stretch and stress myself to write more and different to post to Medium? And link those masterpieces to Facebook and Twitter and Instagram.


And thus, I ask myself –


  • Am I writing to be read?

  • Am I writing to build up a following?

  • Or am I writing because I cannot NOT write?

  • And am I on the point of taking the fun out of writing?


Cyber Hugs and Blessings All. Advice and comments would be welcome.



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