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October 30, 2017

I CAN do the footwork!

Strong, assertive, positive, confident.

I can “ONLY” do the footwork…

Weak, negative, apologetic, “poor me…”

I can teach you to play piano – but I can’t bring you to world-famous level.

I can teach you to knit – but I can’t teach you the insider stuff...

October 27, 2017

I’d sit there. Two little girls scrabbling in the sand. Building castles. Running to get water. Splashing each other. Communicating in two languages.

And I’d listen. Surrounded by a veritable Tower of Babel.

Catalan, Spanish, Dutch, German, Russian, French. Plus language...

October 25, 2017

Summer in the Chesapeake was drawing to its end. I’d tried to fit in last minute yoga and pilates classes, mostly unsuccessfully.

I was also trying to see friends I’ve managed to miss all summer long

Thus it happened that we arranged to meet at a restaurant in a central...

October 23, 2017

Somewhere in my teens I was given a diary. Probably a Christmas present.

Pink and green with flowers on the cover and a tiny padlock on the side. With a minute key.

My teenage dreams and desires written in my best cursive were safe in my diary. It was securely locked and...

October 20, 2017


Do not stand by my grave and weep…

I am not there.

I do not sleep.

I am a thousand winds that blow.

I am a diamond glint on snow.

I am the sunlight on ripened grain.

I am the gentle autumn rain.

When you awake in the morning hush,

I am the swift up flinging rush

of q...

October 18, 2017

Autumn kisses summer goodbye and winter’s icy fingers have not yet woken from their frozen sleep. My feet drag through morning kissed grass, promising wet sneakers and socks.

Two little dogs trip ahead, sniffing and exploring. I watch as a cormorant crash lands nearby....

October 16, 2017

I’m a woman prepared. I always have doggie-doo bags to pick up doggie-doo.

Lowering his dignity Louie, aka King Louie IV the poodle, carries a small green “earth” container with sweet smelling DD bags.  It’s clipped on to his lead.

This is my standby stash. I always grab...

October 13, 2017

“Mom, what’s a Xanax Bar?”

My fourteen year old, blond hair tied up in a messy pony tail, blue eyes sparkling, school bag slung over one shoulder looked at me expectantly. Mom would know.

My only child, my daughter, my life.

But I didn’t know.

“I don’t know,” I told her. “...

October 11, 2017

And you don’t know where you are.

Morning walks with the pups consist of strolling, sniffing and stopping to do their business. Grassy verges are welcome, as are big patches of lawn where they can run and play. On their leads of course.

We’d been ambling along for a whil...

October 9, 2017

Some time ago we had guests on board for a weekend.

The woman, first time I’d met her, was unpretentious, laid back. Nothing about her that spelt danger, excitement, 007 or more.

Until I asked the usual question:

“What did you do before retirement?”

Project Manager. Well y...

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